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Thread: pg 70

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    Default pg 70

    I think this whole chapter needs worked on. From previous posts, it is apparent that a lot of it is confusing.

    One of the most confusing to me is why Ana purrs on page 70.
    "I wish I could say the same about you, " purred Ana.

    Is she or someone a Cat?

    The only other reference that reminds me of a cat is on page 99, last paragraph says "Then, as if catapulted from a limb, a furry white ball with wings shot through the window." Not until 100 do we assume that was POOK coming through the window.

    Now... if the caterpillar is a PUSSMOTH as Hunnytree gave us here: http://www.kendall-bioresearch.co.uk/moth2.htm

    and as a white furr ball here: http://nba.uth.tmc.edu/homepage/eagleman/asp/

    Maybe the story is out of order. Maybe POOK is a caterpillar early on in the story... and grows into a doth?

    Perhaps more "trickery" on just WHO is WHO in this story.
    The only token I found was SQUAT!!!

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    You aren't the first person to see the cat references. At the other site, a post called Dear ABC User talks about a cat reference too, but I didn't make any connections til your post. Unfortunately, the posts over there don't say anything of use as far as the cat is concerned.

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