It has already been pointed out that the borders on pages 12, Prologue, and 101 are similar in structure - leaves, arch of 29 moons, red background with lines. There is a sun with 3 interlacing designs in a circle at the top left and a crescent moon with 3 different design in a circle at the top right. The ones on page 101 match those on page 12 except that there are small inner designs missing from the moon circle on page 101. As "Ana is gone" the absence of these small designs (interlacing ring?) may indicate absence of life.

An obvious difference is the arch of 21 stars - 5 points on page 12, 4 points on page 101. Five for the light and four for the dark? Another obvious difference is in the background colour - page 101 is blue whereas page 12 it is yellow. Yellow for light and blue for dark?

There are leaves which cut across the arch of stars at the top which seem to point to moons on the inner arch. There are 5 stars between these leaves and the 8th and 14th are partly obscured. The leaves seem to point to the 12th & 13th moons and 17th & 18th moons with three moons (white and almost completely white) between them.

The leaves, berries, ribbons, red parts with lines - these are similar to the background of Mucha's Zodiac, but there are differences. The lines on the red part of Mucha's Zodiac are more complicated and one side is not the mirror image of the other. Mucha does have two circles, one with a sun flower and one with a crescent moon facing the other way, but the circles are at the bottom of the page rather than at the top.