This illustration shows contrasts between light and shade, and conveys the feeling of sadness. It is interesting to compare it with the one on page 108 where there is very little shadow and the feeling of happiness is conveyed. The same characters are in each illustration, Zac and Ana are central with Pook and Booger on either side, protected by Yorah.

The light on page 101 highlights Zac and Ana, Yorah's face and hands, and Pook. Booger is mostly in shadow. The dark shadows near Booger may look ominous. The light coming in from the open door highlights part of the Death spell page. The back of that page, as far as we can see, has no sign of a Chant spell to summon a ring.

Ana's dress below Pook looks as though it is draped over a large "ring" or some other object. The dress "flows" like water as it does also on pages 58 and 77. The trailing parts of Ana's dresses seem to be covering or hiding something.