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Thread: Tree Initials

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    Quote Originally Posted by Energy
    I beleive that MS had different signatures in ATT.
    I think it's just that these illustrations took a couple years, they just signed them randomly, or forgot what they put down before.

    I don't think it's a clue.
    Have you ever forgotten your own initials? Ever?

    I also disagree, you're an idiot.
    Thanks Energy,

    I'm glad your first post was well spent. Good job.

    Take a look again at the first few posts.
    You will see that the comments were regarding the different initials.
    I sometimes write different initials. My name is Robert, but I use Bob.
    Sometimes I use my middle initial, sometimes I don't.

    So to answer your question, NO, I have never, ever, eva forgotten my initials. Have I ever written them differently, YES. And I will continue to do so.

    I spent alot of time an ATT and now this book. I also have the solution to ATT book and MS's cluies and riddles book. (oh crap, I used initials, sorry... ).
    It was just my feeling from experience that this was not a clue.

    But, as I gain more knowledge of this book, anything could be possible. It seems like the more you learn about this book, the less you know.

    So I quess we should not disregard anything at this point, but just keep notes and see what fits together. Let's focus our "Energy" on solving this thing.

    And MillTycoon, thanks for stepping in there.

    Good night.
    RG :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Energy
    I also disagree, you're an idiot.

    Please feel free to disagree, but name calling is not acceptable here.

    Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!

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