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Thread: Cell Patterns

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    Default Cell Patterns

    Until looking closer, I had always assumed that the top left pattern was just rotated clockwise to make the top right pattern...2 dark green cells to the left of both flowers and 3 dark green cells to the right of both flowers.. but....

    removing the dark green cells gives you mirror images of each pattern. Now, looking at the "upper" cells {to right of left flower & left of right flower}...the 2 dark green cells in Right pattern are located in same locations of Left pattern but there is an extra dark green cell added to Left pattern...

    the "lower" cells have NO dark green cells in common. ALL dark green cells are located in different positions..

    What this means.....who only knows? Just thought it interesting. Must be some sort of code in my opinion....

    .........time to add a DAR ring to my collection.........

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    There are 5 dark green cells on the left and 5 on the right. Shapes vary. Although the shapes are not "perfect" I think of them as: triangle, quadrilateral, isosceles trapezium, irregular pentagon, regular pentagon. (Trapezium = trapezoid, quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides).

    With 10 dark green cells and 5 variations of shape it looks a suitable opportunity to try out a 5x5. A difficulty arises with trying to find pairs. They are grouped two below the wreath and five to the right of it on the left hand side, and then three below and two to the left of the wreath on the right hand side. I haven't found a sensible message yet, but I haven't tried everything.

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