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    Default Length

    Has anybody noticed how odd it is that a Chant Spell just happens to be three pages long? And that Zac can read it as though it is a children's book, despite the prior fact?

    I think there's more to this than meets the eye, and in order to find its secrets, we have to be able to work out
    a) How to decode
    b) Where the lines are
    c) And what we're looking for.

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    1st thing that hit me when I read you post was that this is a Childrens book. Hmmmm

    Also a childrens book usually starts out .. Once upon a Time.
    Carol aka Maxine

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    "children's book" to me means pictures.

    i also had the idea that it was more than one spell, maybe a spell for each page...i can't remember why, unless it was the page where it said zac turned to one of the chant spells to create a ring...something like that

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