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Thread: I Can Read the Symbols

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    Default I Can Read the Symbols

    So every once in a while I dig out DAR just for the fun of it. I was working on pg 6 for a few days and I can read the symbols!

    Pg 6 is all about the syzygy. 3 bodies = Sun, Moon, Eaerth as listed on the page.

    SUNMOONEAERTH = 13 symbols; same as on the page.

    But, 3243 = 12, so there is a bogus letter and a bogus symbol.

    Bogus letter is the extra E in Eaerth, so we have E A R T H = E A R + T H = 3 + 2
    M O O N = 4
    S U N = 3

    So, 12 of the symbols say E A R T H M O O N S U N and one symbol is ignored.

    Analyze the symbols. Let's look at the ones with the cross-hatches. Either 4 or six areas. The main thing they all have in common is they all have 1 filled-in dot (moon). If we only look at the filled in dots, dropping the other open dots (suns), the symbols become (see attached file).

    There are two sets of identical symbols, namely the cross-hatches. In our string of letters we have 2 O's and 2 N's, so those symbols map. You can represent four letters of the alphebet with this cross-hatch. Since M cannot be a part of it, otherwise we'd have another like symbol for the M in MOON, the four letters are N, O, P, Q. There are four permutations, but the one that works for both sets of cross-hatch sysmbols (four and six) is shown in the letter grids (attached). The pattern is start at the top, bottom and right, top and right, bottom and right, etc. and when you hit the end go back to the beginning of hte grid.

    The empty cross-hatch symbol is not used since it has no filled in dot. That is the "extra" symbol that is dropped.

    So here is what we have so far. See if you can figure out how the other symbols map to the open letters. It's a bit more tricky. I will post more on it later.
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    Very nice !! Simple and easy to decode once you have the key.

    Have you gotten it to decode other symbols and turn them into words that make sense ?

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    I can see all your letters and I can make the others work, but I can't get the order.

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