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    Ok there are fairies flying around the page

    Let's discect what is going on so we can better understand the image.

    There are 4 faries that don't contribute to the pixy dust flowing on teh page.one on Ana shoulder and three in the middle of the page, two on the left and one on the right.

    There ar 6 faries that are much larger that the rest.
    top left fairy in the PJ and yellow sock cap
    the two fairies looking at each other with the tails in the middle of the page.
    The fairy on the left side of the page
    The fairy in front of Ana
    and th efairy on Ana's Shoulder

    there are two different ways the wings on all of the fairies are shown.
    Open where they look to be on opposite sides of the fairy
    Closed where the fairy looks to be shown at a profile.

    There are 3 types of wings in the picture
    double (left and right wing)
    Quads (two left and right wings)
    Butterfly (look like butterfly wings)

    I haven't counted all of the fairies yet but will look into this more.


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    There are 63 Good Fairies on page 65, plus Ana. 5 of them are Pickensrooters and 2 of them are Kootenstoopits. For one of Good Fairies near the top of the page only the hands and forearms are visible.

    39 of them seem to be flying "in formation" to make the shape of a 2 (upside down). Towards the bottom of the page their flight paths seem to make a 7. There have been several occurrences of 7 on page 94, but the content of that illustration is quite different - Pook and the Forest Creatures.

    There are several repetitions in the images of the Flower Fairies. Eight of the Good Fairies in the top left hand corner are repeated in the group closest to Ana at the bottom of the page.

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