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Thread: Figure 44 on diagram

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    Looking at Fig 44 upside down, the shapes that I notice in particular are an arrowhead and an incomplete pentagon (the 5th side would be a line between two points on the arrowhead). The sides of the pentagon are not all the same length.

    The extensions of lines outside the circle suggest to me that these lines are intended to help position the circle on some other page/illustration.

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    Fig 44 and the morse message of Well begun is half done--

    using letters to numbers,(A=1,B=2 and so on)- this morse could be read as-

    52 begun- is half 38. (well=52, done=3

    What Im finding and I know there has been debate about this, is that the background images and diagrams will play a part and may hold some clues. I do know that they were used in the starz puzzle but Im not so sure we should dismiss them altogether because of that.

    What I find interesting is that this morse line could relate to the fig. 44 on BOS 7 and some other thoughts.

    The fig. 44 seems to hold the image of a book surrounded by a circle. Then there are the lines that if one applied to the book itself and its pages certain things can be linked.

    The diagram shows that a line is drawn from one page corner to the other. This splits the page in half, diagonally, and those angles could be 52 and 38. So to think about that morse message, well or 52 is the complementary half of done or 38. And it could be the start of something.

    I found that if you first drew crosshairs or quartered the page(not shown here but elsewhere) and then follow the rest of the diagram, drawing the other line that is corner to half the page, as shown, it can give a point on the center line horizantally and with the center point of the page-- can be used to draw the exact 'pooks circle' on page 40.

    This may be all coincidence. However that is not all that can be found by using these images and I feel there could be 'hints' that may imply a possibility of geometry being used.-(maybe not for a first level ring)

    Its also interesting to note that DARK and LIGHT can be complementary angles. DARK= 34 and LIGHT is 56.

    If anyone is interested in some of the other findings, I can post them here or you can PM me.

    I know the status of the hunt is in a bit of confusion, but I still enjoy the challenge and wouldn't mind sharing some of these things and discussing them- if only just for the fun of it.


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    I think the lines are tied to the definition on page 6 "Ye near straight line". How about if the combined strings represent the words "Sun" and "Moon". It's important that the 3rd & 4th half strings stay put, and the 1st and 2nd are the ones that are swirled and coalesced. Then you can draw a straight line through the 2 strings of symbols and the word "Eaerth" on page 7. A Syzygy!

    If I'm right, the 1 & 3 combined string should as "Sun" or "Sun/nuS". The 2 & 4 string would say Moon or "MoonooM". (The way Dar talks forwards then backwards)

    Maybe someone can use this as a primer to solve the HBC.

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