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Thread: Symbol at top of page

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    Default Symbol at top of page

    I am not sure if anyone noticed this yet, but there is a red symbol on the page to the right of the word Crevasse. I am not sure why this is here. I looked in other pages and could not find another instance of this.

    What does this mean? Why is it here? Why do my brain cells hurt?

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    Has anyone noticed the 3's in the vines? So as not to have to post all over the place, I have found nuymbers on pages20, 25, 41, 75, 80, 94, and possibly 112...
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    There are strange symbols right next to each of the Chant Spells: Crevasse, Descend, Arise... and the Summon a Ring, Create a Ring symbol is the same one but reversed. Some are red, others greyish. But I couldn't find a repeat of the Crevasse image either.

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