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Thread: Cap and vines

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    Default Cap and vines

    Has anyone else noticed the large 3 in the vines? At teh bottom? (Or if you flip the page at the top of the vines? It also looks like most of the word "crevasse" is spelled in the vines. Book right side up from top to bottom I can see r, a, e, s, s. Then upside down 3. The "r" could also be a "v"...

    It could also look like there aqrqe 3's galore in the vines. 2 inside the "B", One above, one backwards in red to the left of the "B", and again at the bottom. One more thing, The partial circle cut outs in the upper right corner of the Cap Block, looks like back to back 5's.
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    Default 3 pieces

    "Threes be the kinds of spell herein" That is the line I thought of when I read your post.

    I can see what you mean with the numbers and perhaps they may just be a clue that one will need three different pieces form one new puzzle.

    Even the new clue hints at this.

    The person or team that is able to get the right three items put together to form a magic eye picture and actually be able to see it will be leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of us.

    In my opinion there are very few people in this world that can look at something logically and artistically at the same time. I am also willing to be that MS is counting on that as well.

    Good Luck this thing is tough.

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