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Thread: Possible Pook Solution ... In WA State...

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    Default Possible Pook Solution ... In WA State...

    This was posted on ATT web page ..... I am going there tomorrow... You thoughts .... It was posted by username Chopper56.... It;s long, but extremely interesting ......

    "This is going to be in a narrative form because it allows me to explain better. I have had this solution since June, and I have decided to share my work with everyone. Good luck with hunting.

    Pook Solution

    Page 19
    The first thing you look for are things that don’t belong. This includes the 3-2-2 on the leaves, the upside down horse in pook, the star with circle, the “DC” wood handles, and the RULER!
    The ruler has many different number of tic marks. Do you really think Michael Stadther would take such effort to create a picture than fail to make it correct? If it was an English ruler, you would need divisions of 7 or 15, metric you would need 9, therefore, the ruler has a key to the solution. Looking at the ruler at the bottom of the page, the tic marks are 6-2-7-11-11-9-10-12-9, each set of tic marks are separated by the inch markings. If you notice, some people would read it as 6-9-11…, but the compass divides the 9 into a 2 and 7. So you have the sequence…now what? You need a page to work the key. To find it, you add up all of the numerals that are visible on the ruler. 3+4+5+7+8+9= 36. Page 36 has the solution (exactly where people have been looking). Notice there is no numeral 6, that would make it impossible to find the page.

    Page 36
    First, many people never read the caption to the page. MS clearly tells you everything you need to know.
    “Her fairy friends provided great company, but they tricked and pestered everyone, human or Halfling.”

    The fairies are there to trick and pester you, a human!! Were you tricked and pestered looking at hands, hair, or leaves? DO NOT be fooled. So what are you supposed to use? How about the caption! By using the tic marks on the above statement, you get a series of letters: I Y S E U C T E A (6th letter= I, 2 letters after= Y…and so on)

    ***Notice that not all letters from the phrase are accounted for on the ruler. No big deal, MS had to make the sentence make sense.

    OK, nothing all that great, but the ruler was in a distinct formation: doubled back on itself. So you have to double back with the letter sequence, going back to front with the same number sequence. This yields another series of letters: L H H R K T T P R

    Yeah a bunch of gibberish…or is it? Looking, the first thing I saw was the words CITY PARK though an anagram. So what is left is LHHTTSRUEE. You pull out a THE leaving you with LHTREUS. And the last word is LUTHER. There is an extra S, but it could go on LUTHER, PARK, or define the park S = south.

    Solution: “The S Luther City Park”, “The Luthers City Park”, or “The Luther City Parks”

    Using the other two rulers on page 19 and page 49 and the text on page 36 (I will let you do the number and letter sequences), I came up with two other statements. I do not know if they are the correct anagram, but they were the most logical fits.

    P 49 ruler Solution: “In Pavement” or “Map in Even T” (I checked all even T’s for a map- p 2, 10, 12, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30)

    P 19 2nd ruler Solution: “Under aid” or “Under an aid” This was one difficult to determine because I wasn’t sure if there was a single tic mark at the end of the ruler on p 19. I’ll let you decide. If there is a tic mark, the “an” is present, if not exclude the “an”.

    What is Luther City Parks? Named after Luther Burbank, a plant geneticist and creator of the Shasta daisy, the parks are located on Mercer Island, Washington (yes, Washington state). Just a little info- Luther Burbank’s birthday, March 7th was used for one of the conservation days (I forgot which one, Earth day, Arbor day, etc.). He was the pioneer for conservation, and yes, he was a mason. That may be why MS would consider his parks.

    Here is a link to the best website I have found on Luther Burbank city parks:



    Did I just say park”s”? Yes, there are 2 parks located in Washington, a northern, developed park, and a “s”outhern, undeveloped park. Interestingly, in 2002, there was a fight in the city whether or not to develop the park and put low-income housing on the southern park site. Notice how MS has created all of these images after 2002. Coincidence?!? I’m not quite sure.

    The undeveloped park is trees with a walking path (some of the area kids have put bike jumps in the park).. There is nothing to hint toward the park. However, there are numerous references to the northern park. Let me explain…

    1. If you mapquest mercer island and find Luther city park (northeast corner of island), you will see the EXACT outline on page 19. You know the one people thought was Maryland and Washington DC, it is actually the edge of Mercer Island and Lake Washington. The star with the circle appears to be located around the beach area of the park.

    2. The mirrored DC has 2 explanations. First it could be used to explain the state in which to look- Washington. Second, it could be used to describe the lake around the token- Lake Washington.

    3. The 3-2-2 reference is very simple. If you look at the park map from the above website, you will see piers projecting into the lake. Notice that the boat slips from the piers are arranged in a 3-2-2 pattern. Notice that the 3 and 2 are at the same level (similar to the leaf), and the other 2 are shifted.

    4. Another thing on page 19 that hasn’t been addressed but caught my attention is the picture frame. With most picture frames, the grain of wood is not angled, but either parallel or perpendicular to the edges. Check out this picture- http://www.ci.mercer-island.wa.us/Page.asp?NavID=1176 Check out the first picture of the amphitheater. Notice the wood grain? Notice that if you made a frame with these wood pieces, you would get a frame exactly like p 19. This also relates to the outside theater that has been addressed on the ATT webite about the crystal pook page (By the way, in summer, the local drama group puts on an excellent Shakespeare in the park performance).

    5. Another reaching explanation I have concocted is the representation of the plumb-bob. If you match up the park map, the plumb-bob appears to represent 84th Avenue SE- the road that leads you to the northern parking lot. Although, I have checked along the road to see if the plumb-bob tells you where the token is.

    6. Finally, the upside down horse in pook easy to explain. There are no pictures of this, but you will have to believe me (I have been to the park 3 times) when I say this. As you enter the south parking lot, there is a small bronzed statue of a Peruvian colt. The only difference is that the statue is in a sitting position, but the p 19 image appears to be in a leaping position. It is still too much coincidence for this to just happen to be there.

    7. Whether or not this has anything to do with the find, I will still include it. At the park, there is an off-leash dog area (where you will find a dog). The area on the map is diagrammed out as a dog, and the dog appears to be missing a hind leg in the map. This could be me just trying to make a correlation to the book.

    8. I have found a place in the park that resembles the crystal pook page. It is located near the pedestrian overpass. There is a street-lamp that is located at the bottom of the pedestrian ramp. On the west side of the trail, there are trees in bunches of 5. You are able to walk behind the trees (off the trail), and see a very similar picture with the street lamp giving the beam of light as in the picture.

    Now onto the text clues…

    p 92 has a statement about pook lying by “one grasping outstretched hand.” I have two things that correspond to this statement. However because each person can interpret this differently, I will include both. The first is the artwork located at the park. There are “handsome bollards” located near the piers. This art is single iron hands that come out of the ground and clench a chain to protect people from falling into the lake. Is this the grasping hand? The second one: That is, Interstate-90 runs directly next to the park. On the mapquest picture, you can see the interstate as an outstretched hand (five distinct lanes). Am I stretching with this? Possibly.

    2. This is rather recent because I just saw the post on the ATT forum. Someone mentioned that MS pointed out the statement within the dream chapter. On p87 the book says that “the mist rose into the sky and from the hole light shone directly onto a sleeping pook.” As I thought about mist rising directly into the sky, it dawned on me that there is a steam plant on the property (near the piers). From my chemistry, I know that steam is water, and therefore can be considered mist rising into the sky. There are lights near the plant, but again, I found nothing.

    Next is the statement that MS has said. I am not sure the exact numbers but he said that 1000’s of people pass near a token every day. On I-90, I am sure that 10,000 people drive by the park every day. The edge of the park is located less than 50 feet from I-90, so his statement could very well be explained.

    Another interesting idea is that there is a pedestrian overpass that goes over I-90. On this overpass, there is an overlook that looks over the Luther city park (beautiful picture taking opportunity). I am unsure if this is part of the Luther city park, but I have checked all over on the overpass, but found nothing.

    Map fragments

    The 2 map frags that people have considered are on p 78 and p 101. The one on p 78 can be matched to numerous portions of the park, I have check most of them but found nothing. One to note is the pedestrian overpass. Notice that if p 78 is mirrored, it exactly resembles the trail on the overpass. Other than that, you can match the “S” curve to anything. Good Luck trying.

    Interestingly, the one on p 101 is distinct. If you print out the park map and turn it so that the NW direction is in the south orientation (NW should be closest to you), you will see that the edge of the park (Calkin’s point) has a distinct representation of the map on p 101 with the black area on p101 being the lake (notice the sharp point on both). This is better seen on a map that you can pick up at the office on-site, but it is not on-line. There are small trees at the point where the fairy is pointing. I checked, but found nothing. I recommend someone check this area again.

    This has been added after my solution was compiled. You can fit it in wherever. Thanks to FENDR63 on the ATT website for sparking my memory.

    I was just thinking...Tackle repositorys (clue 1)!!

    Everytime I was at the park, I saw at least one person fishing on the piers that go out into the lake- most of the time there were about 5 people there. Also, the shoreline is covered with trees. Could it be that pook is not actually in a knot hole, but in the branches of a tree, similar to the way that you loose a fishing lure (tackle)? I was only checking tree trunks and large limbs. If it is in the small branches, my detector would have missed it.

    One problem that I found is that the south (undeveloped) park does not have a trail map. I walked the trails (which end up about 10-20 ft from I-90) but found no similarity to the map frags.

    Also, on my last visit, I noticed that part of the undeveloped park has been fenced off. It includes a part of the park that I was very interested in- a deep gully in which a small steam ran through (a potential grotto).

    To get to the park:

    Take Interstate 90 to Mercer Island (east of Seattle). Use exit 7A to leave the freeway. If coming from the east, take a right at the first stop light onto SE 26th St. (you will see brown signs with Luther city park on it). From the west, take a left after leaving the freeway, there should be brown signs. The nouth park is the one that is noted. To get to the overpass, walk south of the park, follow the trail that follows the freeway, up a hill. To get to the south park, go over the overpass, and continue to follow 84th Ave SE up the hill. About a half mile up the road, you will encounter a walk path that enters the park. The northern park is open from 6am-10pm, but the overpass ans northern park have no posted times (so I guess their open 24hrs).

    Overall, I have been to the park 3 times. Each time I have found new and exciting things (one time I watched a bald eagle dive for fish in the lake, another time I found a geo-box in a downed log on Calkin’s point). I have used a metal detector to try and locate the token, although I wasn’t able to reach every tree on the property, I did check all of the trees I could reach (see fenced info above regarding the southern park). I feel that either the token is not located there, it has slipped from it’s original position, or someone has it. I probably just missed it.

    Also, for those who are looking to use my solution in another place, such as Luther Burbank home and gardens in Santa Rosa, California. Good luck. I initially did a web search using “luther city park” and came up with that location. I traveled there on the July 4th weekend and searched. I must say that it might be the most beautiful garden that I have ever seen, but nothing matched map fragments or any of the other clues. I also searched his farm about 20 miles from Santa Rosa without any luck. The places are very beautiful, and I recommend anyone in the area to see these parks.

    I will continue to keep an eye on the message boards, and occasionally post information or help out when needed. All of you have been great friends and companions on this hunt. Shaggy, I would love to “team up” for the next hunt. It would be great if we could find someone to set up a website that is password protected in which we could all sign electronic agreements to share prizes and information. Imagine having 100 people on the TODAY show with Mr. Stadther to claim their prize. What a party it would be.

    Finally, I would like to say thank you to Michael Stadther for his generosity and ingenuity on this hunt. While I am no longer able to continue my hunt for pook, I look forward to working on the following books (hoping to find a token/ring/treasure). Maybe someday I will have a child that I can share these treasures with. Also, I have been thinking about how to do my own books, but at this point I am not able to begin production. I will probably do the same as Mr. Stadther, and in 20 years, after the treasure hunt book idea is gone, create my own treasure hunt book(s).

    Friends and Mr. Stadther, I thank you for everything.


    Brad Gillman
    Madison, Wisconsin

    What do you all think ??

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    Default Anyone bored in Oh

    Does anyone want to brave the cold in Ohio and check this out before the end date. I believe the fairy was pointing at pook's nose on the web site before it shut down, right? Beautiful place if you have never been there. http://www.heartofhocking.com/Rock_House.htm

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