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Thread: Chapter 3 clues

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    Well, you can always win a chapter, go on the trip, be awarded the eagle....but either decline it or donate it back..........

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    While I was looking for information about whether one could avoid having to somehow come up with $9000 in cash (before they will even give you your statue) to cover taxes by accepting cash instead of a statue (you cannot - section 9a), I came across a lot of strange things in the terms and conditions:

    1. (7) winning: "Any entrant who attempts to correspond with FTII may be disqualified." - so legally, if you send anyone related to the hunt an email, at some point in the future they can deny you your prize.

    2. (7) "proof of submission is not automatically proof of receipt" - what is proof of receipt then?

    3. ( 8 ) "any participant who has publicly disclosed any details in any form or medium such as the solution, the keys or the order thereof will immediately be disqualified" - if someone writes a message on this board that happens to accidentally hit on the real solution, they can be disqualified. It says so right in the rules.

    4. ( 8 ) "Your personal information may be supplied to the promoters and their data processors" - that sounds a little scary?

    5. ( 8 ) "Winners may be required to use their names and submissions in advertising... in perpetuity... may be required to participate in publicity events." - if you win they will trot you out to say how wonderful the hunt is? what's this about requiring publicity events? can they come to me 3 years after i win and force me to fly out to Alaska on my own dime for an event? If I win how long precisely after that do they "own" me? Can't I just win a prize, thank the organization running the hunt, and leave it at that?

    6. ( 8 ) "All potential prize winners may be required to submit to a confidential background check.... to help ensure use of any such person in advertising and publicity... will not bring FTII into public disrepute, scandal, or ridicule... in its sole discretion" - this one is amazing. They can look into your private life, and if they find anything they don't think will make for good ads and publicity appearances, they can deny you your prize.

    7 (9) "Depending on winner's intended use of the prize, its use or enjoyment may be subject to further conditions or restrictions if used for any other use than personal use" - are you kidding me? Not only do they own your soul if you win; they also claim to own your prize if you win. If I win a prize and pay $9000 in taxes on it, it is 100% mine, and I can display it in the freaking Louvre if I want.

    8 (23) "Any participants who attempts to call FTII regarding the contest treasure hunt will be disqualified" - wow

    9 (24) "Email sent to us with more than 50 words will not be read" - for real?

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