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Thread: Sudoku Use

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    Default Sudoku Use

    I did not participate in chapter 3, but I wanted to bring this particular facebook clue back. Not all clues are fully for the chapter, but hint at future solutions.
    Jan 4....Riddle me this and riddle me that: tlboon, eldfis, lemkim, woshall will be the key to pulling this one out of the hat.
    Well Riddle me this and that for the next two chapters... keys 2,3,4 (HAT) for chapter 4 given out in chapter 3.

    And now, onto chapter 5 facebook clues:
    Using the empty Sudoku puzzle on page 103, if the number is divisible by 5 remove it, if the number is greater than 30 remove it, remove the loneliest number, if there is a triplet left over take it out, one of the perfect square numbers remaining will help you on your way.
    Any ideas on how a 9x9 Sudoku puzzle could be incorporated into a solution? This is probably for later chapters, but I'm curious on how 20 numbers could fit? 2 lines times nine numbers? Maybe remove the first and last or 10 and 20?
    My first thought is something like this? A dumbed down example for chapter 4, which probably doesn't exist in the chapters...for illustration purposes only:
    pick the second digit of every number under ten the first time through numbers 1-10, then same thing 11-20, ignoring 10,20?
    Could be two lines plus two missing keys at the beginning or end? Or other? Any other theories of how one might construct a puzzle where a 9x9 grid helps?

    Surely the fact that there is two Sudoku's, two half's to the solution, and a facebook clue starting to push that way must have some people thinking?

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    I think the C4 sudokus are to point you to the omega start. Both empty sudokus have patterns that look like 8's just like the cane in C1 picture that looks like a 7.

    I'm not sold on the idea that the sudokus have a mechanism for solving or confirming keys... I think someone posted about numbers along the diagonal that matched their row and column were also keys that matched their position (C1 had a 9 in 2nd sudoku row 9 col 9 and key 9=9, C2 had a 4 in row 4 col 4 and key 4=4) but I think that didn't hold past C2 (although they made a case for C3 using the shift of 3 that the 5 in row 5 col 5 means key 2 = 5).

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