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Thread: Did anyone ever????

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    Default Did anyone ever????

    Does anyone know if anybody ever just extracted the Base 5 Moon symbols from the HCB?

    Only the larger Moon Symbols? (I know the page numbering shows a small filled moon symbol)

    I can't seem to remember seeing this done>?

    Of course once it is done, then it would need to be swirled??? and formed anew>>>>>??

    From the Summon Page: first 4 line @=solid ))=open )=solid

    ) (
    @ @ @ )
    ( ( @
    ) ( ( )) ) )

    Perhaps doing the base 5 math, then adding (sum) the # convert to a letter?


    Hmm line 4 seems over complex, perhaps just keep it "simple"


    Perhaps someone a bit better at convert the symbols can noodle this out to see if it has promise>

    I would also add that starting with the Summon Spell may not be the best way to go as it is possibly recoded and the Key is embedded in the HCB based on the type of ring??? speculation here,,,

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    Try looking up Hollerith punched card on Wikipedia. There are several types, and some may fit what you are looking for. (For example, the one with 15 rows and 80 columns, rotated so that the cropped edge is where it should be.) I would suggest at least using them on the 5 rows of 3 tiny dots
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