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Thread: No clues for me, thank you

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    Default No clues for me, thank you

    I don't know how anyone else feels about it all, but as for me, I don't want any clues. It's not that I don't want to see this thing solved. It's not that enough time hasn't gone by.
    Quite frankly, it's that I'm insulted.

    The last thing I ever heard from MS is: I'll let you guys know what the courts say just as soon as I hear anything.
    The last I heard from Lordrhast is: I need to get a couple hours sleep. I'll come back in a few hours and let you guys know what all is going on.

    Yeah. Five years ago.

    And so now they want to release some more cryptic clues on a locked thread so that nobody can ask them why they never came back and said anything? The problem isn't lack of clues. The problem is lack of motivation. Want it solved? Post a reward. We'll have it done in a month.

    Yes, I know that MS doesn't have to post any clues. That he could simply keep it all to himself.
    And the reason I know this is that that is exactly what he has done for five years now. I say: keep your lousy clues.

    If these are Trovers, I'll remain a Jagular and I'll trove no more.

    I wish you all the best.
    I'll leave my clue notebook on the table on the way out the door.

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    I'm right next to you Jag. I completely agree. I don't believe that there was ever a legal reason that Stadther could not release the answer and solve this thing any time he wanted to. His game-playing with this release is disgusting.
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    I find it frustrating that after all this time, MS suddenly decides to casually release clues that are just as cryptic as the stupid puzzle. Stop tormenting us!

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