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Thread: Jagular's Clue Notebook

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    Default Jagular's Clue Notebook

    Since I'll no longer be a Trover, I'll leave my clue notebook here. Take what you will from it.
    I'll post what all I had at the time of the bankruptcy. I'm sure you guys can work the rest out.

    You might need your book for this, but if you recall the book well, you should be able to get the conceptual ideas well enough from it. I suspect I would have had the whole thing solved by the end of the deadline, but who knows. I could have been on the wrong track entirely :P
    I'll begin with the general, then work to more specific.

    Begin with the morse. The title page has the clovers running around the edges, saying, "Well begun is half done"
    Look at how the letters run. Down the left, then over to the right and back up again. Keep that in mind.
    In addition, the word "half" is misspelled as "haff"
    That is no accident. In fact, I believe it is the key to understanding this whole thing.
    The L and the F in morse are the reverse of each other. (dot,dash,dot,dot) vs (dot,dot,dash,dot)
    But more importantly, the L and F are upside down versions of each other. Keep that in mind. He actually did a similar idea with the G on page 80.

    Page 19..more Morse. Again, down one side, the up the other.
    And again on page 26. Each set of morse ends at the same side it began on. (A good beginning makes a good ending, after all)
    I would encourage you to go through all the different morse in the book. It was fun.
    Ok, so....letters down one side, up the other. some letters can be upside down of other letters. That's the lesson of the morse. There are little confirmers here and there. The two heads merging on page 80, for example.
    1. Something is written upside down somewhere.

    Now the Letter blocks poem..
    Most of it seems to have been written by MS's lawyer, but pay attention to the last four lines of it:

    Nothing seen is what you'll find
    A secret treasure in your mind
    Look inside yourself to see
    a code for infinity

    I'm of the opinion that this is how to solve the final puzzle, which is consistent with the way the poem worked in the first book. So lets have a look, and I'll tell you my take on it.

    Nothing seen is what you'll find:
    The overlay dots on the HCB Summon a Ring page correspond to distinct letters in the code, which arent used anywhere else. I believe that those represent empty letters that you fill in by seeing what words they fall in and filling in the missing letter. Then you have the final answer written in the empty spots. "nothing seen", etc. That will be the final solve.
    How do you know what letters go into them? By the context of the rest of the code surrounding it as you decode it. That is, "a secret treasure in your mind".

    BUT..how to decode the HCB? or decode anything in the book for that matter?

    Look inside yourself to see....A code for infinity (a ring is infinity)
    so...look inside yourself to see...a code for a ring...
    so....what is "look inside yourself to see"?

    it's a funny line, that one. Do I look deep inside myself and see what is there? Or is there an object that I must look into in order to see myself?
    Look inside, yourself to see.... a mirror.
    Something is written upside down somewhere.

    Can this be confirmed at all? The reflection clue seems to confirm it well enough in my mind.

    Ok, now on to more specific...

    *spoiler warning*


    Page 40
    there are six wood shavings on the floor around him. Five below, one above.
    Number the shavings below him as 1-5, and the one above him as 6

    Page 41
    The workshop.
    Look on the desk.
    on the left hand side are the shaving numbers:
    on the right hand side are shaving numbers:

    of note, the shavings are mirror image one to another on the left vs the right

    This is confirmed up above the workshop, with the big number five sitting there, opposite a mirror-imaged number five.

    Now look at the shavings along the left and right borders of the workshop page. They look like they are flaking off the sides of the page and floating downward.

    You can see that the flakes on the left are distinctly the mirror image of the ones on the right. they are reversed.
    The exception is that the one on the bottom of the left hand side has no corresponding flake on the right.

    In the end, I read that as 6=5

    There are a number of reasons for this, but mostly because it seems to work later on in the puzzle.

    Next to the Book of Spells
    Where to begin?
    Well, we know that good things come to those who wish the great forest well, so start on The Greate Forest page.
    It's the code on bottom of the page. This is the so-called Geometric, droplet, or Teardrop code.

    Very simply, count how many corners are in each symbol. They range from 1 to 6 corners. But with a twist.
    There is a "one" and a "backwards one". There is a "two" and a "backwards two" etc.
    But not so for five or six.
    Therefore, I proposed that "Six" is really "backwards five".
    This makes sure that any line in the code has the correct orientation, because you can align the fives to be in the same orientation from line to line.
    If you look at the code snippets on page two vs page five of the BOS, you can see that one page is upside down with respect to the other.

    So then we are left with numbers "one through five" and numbers "backwards one through backwards five".
    But which is which?
    Is there something inherently oneish about a teardrop with the point on top vs with the point on bottom?
    Is a sideways rectangle more fourish than an upright rectangle?
    Unfortunately, no.
    So then it's simply a matter of how many combinations are there?
    You already know that five and six are fixed, so that leaves one through four.
    This makes 32 combinations.

    1 2 3 4 5
    -1 -2 -3 -4 6

    -1 2 3 4 5
    1 -2 -3 -4 6

    -1 -2 3 4 5
    1 2 -3 -4 6

    and so on.

    After that, it's just a matter of a simple base five code.

    This is what i was working through at the point of the bankruptcy.

    Can this code be solved? Can it be ruled out?
    Can it then be carried over to the HCB and used to solve enough letters to infer the rest of the code?

    Those who know, don't say.

    GL trovers


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    Edit: read across the Teardrop code, reading the numbers one through five, then read back across the code upside down, reading the numbers (backwards one) through (backwards five)

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