I was involved with the first book. Traveled a lot. Went to MS's lectures. Purchased multiple books, CD's, toys, etc. Book autographs from MS. I was gung-ho on the first book. And I had a lot of fun.

Second book, I gave up after 3 months.
And once bankruptcy happened, I knew the game was over.

I always enjoyed coming back once in awhile to see how far people have come to solving this mystery.

I thought MS would have publicized the answers by now. And I don't know why he let's the game continue.

But whatever the case, I donated all of my belongings to charity.
All my signed books, toys, CD's, etc., -- are all gone.
I no longer have anything related to MS and The Treasure Trove empire.

I want to thank everyone here, over the years, and through our adventures.

Good luck to all, and may you all have a wonderful life.

No more puzzle books for me.