The order of the symbols was important. The game was based on the way to read the book at the end. There were five red ways to win. The red mushrooms were a quiet Morse Code variant leading to other parts of the book. The illuminated letters needed to have their leaves solved much like the original “Treasure Trove” snail puzzle. The electronic games on the forum had pictures in between the games that tied into the book. It wasn’t about rushing to the next game, it was about knowing when to play and when to stop the game for a honeybee. The spider was not so hard, but extremely detailed, and the lady bugs were spots that were numbers on a polybius grid, with part of the grid being represented by ROYGB. There were several ways to win a blue ring, and everyone I know wanted one more than the red diamond — except to get to blue you had to know so many things you might as well have designed your own game. (Sigh). July 4th was a particular day that will stand out for me for quiet reasons at this point. Never claimed a ring — never thought I could. Rest In Peace, M.S.