Number of Letters in Creature's Names:
3= Ant, Bee
5= Snail
6= Spider, Beetle
7= Ladybug, Firefly
9 = Dragonfly, Butterfly
11= Caterpillar, Hummingbird, Grasshopper

* Snail is the only one without a numerical partner... and has 5 letters. This seems important.

* We have the Snail flipbook...
* "Snail" is the first word in the text of the book...
* The snail is the last creature to by crystalized, and the only one we actually see this happen to.
* The Snail's interesting dialogue, including the capitalization of all words except "human", begs for interpretation.

Why is the snail given so much attention? Why is it so important? Why did MS use it for his "just-for-fun" flipbook, and make it the central creature in the prologue? Why is it the only creature with 5 letters in its name? Any thoughts?