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Thread: Sub-forum housekeeping questions

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    Default Sub-forum housekeeping questions

    Hi all,

    Apologies if this isn't the correct place for posting; I'm rather new and am still getting my bearings.

    'The Professor's Journal' has ended, but it is still listed in the 'Recommended Hunts' section, rather than the 'Solved Hunts' section. Is there someone I should notify?

    Also, I've picked up 'The Tower' and don't know where to post, should I find anything of value to the community. It has a thread in 'New Hunts and Rumors', but this thread is more of an announcement than a discussion of the puzzle.

    How and when do new hunts get their own sub-forums? Do moderators wait to see if a puzzle gains enough momentum to warrant a dedicated forum? If a hunt doesn't (or doesn't yet) have a dedicated sub-forum, where should one post?

    If these answers are posted elsewhere, I'd very much appreciate a point in the right direction. I had a quick look through the FAQ but may easily have missed something right in from of my nose!

    Many thanks and best wishes.

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    You are asking the right questions. It does take a little while to get a hunt moved to Recommended, mostly to make sure the new hunt doesn't disappear within a month. With Alex and the Dream, I think people were posting to that "announcement" page for awhile before a forum opened up.

    Suelough and Cthree will take notice of your post soon enough, and move Professor accordingly. Thanks for bringing it up!

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    Thanks for the reminder, Ingrid. I moved the Professor's Journal to Solved Public Hunts.

    Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!

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    Dear Mods,

    Army of Zero has also successfully finished and could be moved to the Solved Hunts section.

    And can Alchemist Dar which is now past its finish date, be moved into the "pile of c***!" (not recommended) category, thanks. Or maybe create a new category - Never Solved, Never likely to be Solved and a complete waste of space but with nice drawings.

    Also Alex and the Greatest Dream can be moved to the Not Recommended category. Sorry for suggesting that was a worthwhile hunt in the first place - it was dodgy, as Rusty and others pointed out.

    Also requests for new sub-forums:
    It looks to me that Torment, Clock without a Face, and Tavenier Stones could all use a subforum in the Recommended category.

    Is it me or are there more hunts coming out this year?

    Thanks for all your good work

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    Anyone disagree with any of this?

    EDIT: Thanks for the suggestions - done. Working on Clock subs...

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    Seems Clock, Torment and Tavenier have the gusto, I cant speak an opinion on the others. Since TIM top'd ARMY, I think that his suggestion for that move is warrented.

    (Early in the Clock posts we have some suggested Thread lines posted and I think the j15bell may be doing some of the grunt work on that, but dont put that down as a definate)

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