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Thread: question for you all

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    Default question for you all

    Not sure if this is the right place.

    I am new to this site and to Armchair treasure hunting. I would like to attempt the Alchemist of Dar when it gets out, and want to try and do some crunch learning by the time it arrives!

    I have a few questions if you will.

    1. What are some ways I can practice the mechanics of all these riddles and treasure hunts? I find myself not able to swim in the middle of the ocean here. Are there easier ones to do, that gradually get harder? I mean, in order to have any grasp on these real difficult ones, I need some sort of reference.

    I know I should practice anagrams and codes, this thus far I have figured out, and have been into it, but I would also like to practice whole riddles where a lot of these mechanics are built in, so I can build myself a foundation. Therefore, when I reach harder ones, I can at least know where to start, and notice things and have confidence.

    2. Can this stuff be learned at all or is it just a natural gift. I know a lot of it may just be special knowledge, maybe of astronomy or math, but I mean putting it altogether as a whole. I was pretty good at Encyclopedia Browns as a kid lol.

    I really want to be successful at this, I have a passion for it, for discovery the unknown. My one good skill is research. Otherwise, I am not that intelligent.

    Some things I have imemdietly learned of myself, in case you care heh:

    1. I like the treasure hunts that the item is hidden in the world, or a key or note in the world.
    2. I do not like these contrived contests, with to many rules that are arbitrary, and dates and time limits. I mean I like them, I just do not agree with their methods. Like the alchemist of dar may be a little contrived for my taste, but the golden apple is perfect. However, this will not stop me from doing it.

    3. to me, a "winner" is someone who finds the solution, not many people, but the first person. anything else is to gimmicky, such as holding out until a certain amount of people arrive to the answer, this is lame, or waiting until a specific time to announce a winner. This make it a contest, not a treasure hunt.

    4. Telling people what they can or cannot share. This is ridiculous, if people want to work together, this should always be allowed. The goal of any true riddle master is to have their riddles solved, or to stump everyone, whichever type of person it is, not to drag it a long and bog it down with nonsense rules, for the sake of commercialism. Any company, author or anyone who places these rules on their riddles are nothing but suits looking for cash. It is that simple.

    anyways, hope that wasn't to much of a read for you all, and I truly do hope down the line I can help with all this stuff, to bring my particular skills for everyone.

    I am happy for this site, I am thankful it is here. I have been searching for this type of action for years.

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    you can try the scavenger hunt here
    My puzzles probably will help you out :P
    Need help? Ask one of us! Click here to go to the staff page!

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    cool, thanks! I already found a problem with that picture imemdiatley.

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    you already seem so well organized in your approach! that should be a tremendous help. I agree with your philosophies of the hunt
    Glad you found this site - welcome!!! There are a great bunch of folk here
    I personally am not as good at the hunt as I would like but enjoy the fellowship immensely!
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