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Thread: Possible Cipher to Use

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    Question Possible Cipher to Use

    Seeing as how Poe and Tolkien are found alot in the clues here's something for thought.

    So I was reading up on Mr. Tolkien I found this:

    "JRR Tolkien just before the war took a course in cipher analysis, was offered a job but turned it down. He was, in other words, nearly with Alan Turning and the guys cracking the German Enigma ciphers....

    What I was thinking is this.... What if we need to use the Enigma cipher on the blocks, it would explain the slug/rabbits, and the fact that they change direction (as in the rotor sequence, left, middle right) I found an Applet ( that runs on Java) that simulates an Enigma cipher machine.

    Enigma Applet.

    You guys know a hell of alot more than I do on how to use ciphers, and I really wanna solve this thing.

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    It had been tried before to no avail sadly. Check the other thread on the 3bit colour alphabet, it seems to be yielding slight joy.

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