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Thread: Solution to the video version

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    Default Solution to the video version

    Building on IXNEI’s rabbit card solution, I believe the next clue in the video version was given as 39 degree 21” 40’ north parallel latitude as follows:
    1) 39 Degrees:
    -Determined by counting the various ‘degrees’ in the movie as follows:
    26 DEGREES on the license plate (26 DR.GEESE)
    8 DEGREES depicted as ‘diplomas’ (very clever), randomly placed and hidden in various backgrounds throughout the movie:
    1 Degree/diploma by Amanda’s bedside
    4 Degrees/diplomas behind the fortune telling machine
    1 Degree/diploma behind the sushi chef
    2 Degrees/diplomas on the wall at Mr. Maps house
    5 DEGREES spoken during the movie:
    Mr. Maps: “All these longitudes, latitudes, DEGREES, meridians”
    Narrator: River Chapter: “Carried her down each DEGREE of the mighty river”
    Lodge Chapter: “Some doors she could open, to a DEGREE”
    Signal Chapter: “It was to a DEGREE more complicated”
    Mountain Chapter: “a DEGREE of safety soon.”
    2) 21 minutes 40 seconds:
    As others have noted, time is a major theme throughout the movie, with the narrator making several references to time, the rabbit holding the watch, the sundial etc. The question becomes which ‘time’ in the movie is most relevant? The carousel chapter speaks of a horse that is “open-minded, yet two-faced.” I believe this horse was the gold horse partially buried in the sand that makes a random appearance in the Wilderness chapter, with the horse’s shadow being the ‘second’ face. We also see an object protruding from the sand just below the horse. I believe this object is the gnomon of the sundial depicted in Chapter 1 (“I COUNT NONE BUT SUNNY HOURS”). Here, I believe Dr. C is telling us that time is significant. This gold horse appears at 21 minutes 36 seconds into the movie and lasts for another 4 seconds when we hear a ‘wind-chime like’ noise before the camera cuts out precisely at 21 minutes 40 seconds.
    I also believe the Tarot Cards were meant to anagrammed as follows: D.M.S. FOR ‘fortune.’ D.M.S.= Degrees, Minutes, Seconds.
    Combing the 39 degree 21’40” north latitude with “ROUTE TWENTY FOUR” from the rabbit card, we arrive at Tennessee Pass, Colorado.
    As far as the entire solution (it is similar to the book, 150 degrees, 100 steps etc.), I would be happy to post it here for those interested.

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    morpheus is offline Getting the hang of it. Copper morpheus is an unknown quantity at this point
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    My Solution to the (VHS) Video Version:

    Ixnei’S RABBIT CARD solution links 4 strange things “AI” “GUIDE” “CUFF” ”JOEY” by a strange jingle noise, heard 6 times total in movie (see below). “ROUTE TWENTY FOUR” combined with 39 degree 21’40” latitude, arrive to Tennessee Pass, CO. At site, find monument (‘father’s grave’), use 150 degree compass directional (using magnetic north as reference), walk 100 steps to tree clearing depicted as perspective drawing on the map.

    One major difference from book, we are told by narrator in the introduction of the movie to find clues in “EACH chapter of our tale.” Solution organized by chapter as follows:

    Chapter 1: “Correct Me Not” i.e. do not correct for magnetic declination. Use magnetic north as reference for compass directional (not true north)
    Sundial/Golden Horse: “I count none but sunny hours”
    Chapter 2: Strangle jingle noise with three-toed sloth (“AI”) stuffed animal
    1 DEGREE/diploma next to Amanda’s bed
    Chapter 3: Strange jingle noise with “the THINGS they ate”
    “First you must find your father’s grave”
    Chapter 4: KNUTSEN JUNE 11, 1980, as anagram for Vigenere Cipher: 26 N T N USE K i.e 26 letters (of alphabet) end to end, use key
    “Frozen in TIME.”
    Chapter 5: 4 DEGREES/Diplomas behind fortune machine
    Tarot Cards anagram: D.M.S FOR “fortune” D.M.S.=Degrees, minutes, seconds
    Chapter 6: 1 DEGREE/Diploma behind sushi chef
    Chapter 7: 26 DEGREES (License plate anagrammed ‘26 DR.GEESE’)
    Chapter 8: 21 minutes 40 seconds, appearance of the gold horse with gnomon of sundial protruding from the sand
    Strangle jingle noise “a GUIDE. My kingdom for a guide.”
    Chapter 9: 2 DEGREES/Diplomas on wall
    “longitudes, latitudes, DEGREES, meridians.”
    “They’re wasting their TIME.”
    Chapter 10: “it was to a DEGREE more complicated”
    Chapter 11: “searched for the horse that was open-minded yet two-faced” referring to the gold horse buried in the sand in chapter 8. The shadow of the horse is the second face.
    Chapter 12: “A DEGREE of safety”
    Chapter 13: “Some doors she could open, to a DEGREE.”
    150 degree directional heading at burial site symbolized when Amanda steps on compass with gold bar running through 330-150 degrees. She faces 150 degrees first for a few seconds, turns and camera cuts out.
    “Sometimes the way to go forward is to go back” (link sundial/gold horse from Chapters 1 and 8 together)
    Chapter 14: Postcard sequence: church with checkerboard floor pattern drawn in perspective, a set of trees, a + symbol floats in. i.e. the map is a perspective drawing of trees. Checkerboard pattern represents map’s
    alternating black and white border. + symbol or X mark on the map.
    Strange jingle noise heard with Amanda’s “CUFF” seen in a floating frame along with piano keys and a sword
    Chapter 15: “Each DEGREE of the mighty river.”
    Chapter 16: “A frame for TIME that flowed together..”
    Chapter 17: Strange jingle noise at baby kangaroo statue “JOEY”
    “TIME had eroded their meaning”
    Chapter 18: 100 steps in entire chapter (by sequence: 12,8,9,14,14,10,8,25)
    Chapter 19: Rabbit Card = ROUTE TWENTY FOUR, strange jingle noise heard in background of music when card appears
    Chapter 20: Fortune cookie “Map is the key in more ways than one.” I.e. “MAP” is the key for Vigenere Cipher in rabbit card
    Chapter 21: “For here TIME had truly stopped.”
    CREDITS: Anagrams (thanks NewtonKrebs at bravenet) IGNORE BRACELETS i.e. Amanda’s bracelet that keeps changing color throughout the movie DISREGARD HATS i.e. Antioch hat, Captain’s hat, Red hat on platter

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