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I'd like to post a number puzzle, may this puzzle fits in this section. I'm not a puzzles mania, this just disturbs my mind. I hope you guys here can help me.
This number puzzle is in .xls file format. It looks like HITORI, but it's not. Since here I can't attach .xls file, I put it (name: sept09.xls) at:
(Don't worry this is being a spam ).
There are tables contain of 10 rows (1,2,3,...,10) each.
Each tables contains of numbers, which here I give example 1 to 40, that should be found its relationships/patterns, so the next numbers can be placed correctly in a certain rows in each tables.
In EACH tables, each numbers appears just one time and there will be no same numbers vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
Tables 1-20 in sheet #2, Tables 21-32 in sheet #3, Tables 33-44 in sheet #4,..., Tables 273-284 in sheet #24.
I name and arrange the tables just like that, though you can do else.
In sheet #1 you can see Tables 1-20 have been filled with numbers 1 to 350.
In sheet #25 you can see that total amount of the numbers in each rows are almost its average, so this isn't random and it should have a solution, shouldn't it?
(I hope this can explain the problems clearly).
Thank you to those who want to pay attentions and interested in this puzzle.

1. Because of their similar shapes, in sheet #26 & #27 I rearranged the tables that I think could be the "keys" of this puzzle.
2. This "big sizes" puzzle is very tough, (artistic?) and really needs hard thinking...

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