What does this mean? It means these are the best hunts out there! All of the current hunts listed have made a special effort to be a part of this site. Some have also offered our users some type of discount if ordered from here. Some are paying small commissions for books sold which helps greatly with general operating expenses. Some (like Mr. Dylan) have created FREE hunts so beautiful we made him a sponsor, (because he is sponsoring the whole SCENE with a hunt so wonderful)-be sure to donate to his site! All have spoken in detail with the staff about their hunts and posted in the forums. We appreciate these hunts for helping Tweleve and hope you will return the favor by ordering and playing! We just want to make it clear that there is a big difference in our Sponsored Hunts section and those not. While all of the hunts listed on this forum are great fun, the ones listed in the Sponsored Hunts section have gone above and beyond for the community here and we want to return the favor. Be sure to play these hunts!





As always, thanks for your support! :P