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    Post Organization

    I've received lots of PMs and emails suggesting a new way of organizing things or changes in organization. I'll leave this here for suggestions.

    One topic was moving The Secret to Not Recommended because there is no apparent way to collect the prize. I personally think the hunt is still really great even with that feature. Fact is you still may be able to dig up a casque and it would be even cooler without documentation. What do you think?

    Maybe this means "Recommended" and "Not Recommended" is not the best terminology?

    Please advise.

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    I think The Secret is secretly (er hum) one of the puzzles some people work on the most. Yes, you can collect "the prize" in theory...go dig up a casque. If there are 10 left there is bound to be at least 1 piece of shard or more in an original spot, haha. If your prize definition is what is in some safety deposit box somewhere, dig one up. I know how to get ahold of his wife and children to find out more, you should too if you are a person digging with that is mind.

    On a re-org note, I think it facinating how complex this really is for a bunch of puzzlers. Opinions are as vast as theories. There may be no simple solution to that... unfortunately but CThree, you simply asking is MOST appreciated. As along as there is access to everything, you can do as you please with how it is labelled. This is a place where I have to come read my own thoughts sometimes. A digital notebook and archive of ways I think or was thinking. I find it remarkable to look at myself through words I posted while critically and creatively thinking in years past. CThree, please let me know how I can help always. I appreciate what you created here and that you are willing to utilize your expertise and passion to keep it going.

    Happy Holidays!
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    Search hasn't worked as well as expected. With that function stabilized we would have a much better time looking through the archived content.


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