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Thread: Looking for Chopper56 - solve for pages 19 and 41

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    Default Looking for Chopper56 - solve for pages 19 and 41

    does anyone have chopper56's email.

    For those that remember, chopper 56 from Wisconsin (i think) came up with a very elegant solve for page 19 that did not incorporate any use of a 5x5 grid. He posted it on the ATT website.

    He based it off of several small clues where individually did not mean much. However when combined, painted a picture whose pieces fit together very well and in my opinion, described the name and physical characteristics of a park in seattle on Mercer Island. A good example is the wood frame on page 19 and the 4 small wood monoliths in the park which is one of the many small clues.

    The intersting thing is that I have done the same thing with page 41. No 5x5, but several clues when put together leave you with a solve. Whats more interesting is that Michael put in a symbols and signs that don't become apparent until you actually are close to the solve...genius.

    There are several general clues and then levels that bring you closer to the "exact" location.

    Given that I have some information from page 19 that chopper56 might interesting/amusing. I would like to share it with him and see if it helps a part of his work become slightly clearer. The information is based on how I solved 41 and may applicable to other pages as well.

    One caveat. Do I beleive there are more tokens? I am not sure and am more on the doubtful side at this point. I would love for clue 3,4 and 5 to be solved.

    Until then I will keep my cards close to the vest. My solve is also elegant and has no wishful thinking anagrams!

    If there are no tokens left and the fact that he spent 300 hours on each picture tells me that he had to change the hunt at the last minute. he probably had to re-write the clues to adhere to rules outside his control.

    If you notice all the 5x5 clues could have easily been added to each picture as they are mostly on the borders of the pages or written over a picture itself.

    It's really to bad because choppers56's solve and what I discovered where a lot more fun that the one size fits all 5x5. Oh well.

    If anyone wants to have fun with Page 41, I might entertain yes and no type questions and or constructive feedback.

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    I have a solve 4 page 41 as well. I lve in the Seattle area!

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