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Thread: Another possible solve for clue 3 ???

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    Default Another possible solve for clue 3 ???

    Treefinder just posted this on Dar forum. What do you die hard clue 3 people think? Here is the link:

    Treefinders post:
    " As posted by others the main 100 letters represents the letter frequency and the square board of scrabble. Since web clue 2 was a toy so should web clue 3. Once you pull out your scrabble board you will notice that each letter has a number score - my key. Matching the letter scores to the petal frequency I came up with the following by reverse engineering the known Rusful solution.

    2 - DG
    3 - BCMP
    4 - YHFVW

    I then translated each flower into a score based just on the frequency of colors on each flower. Going from top left reading to the right and going around I get the following
    using a "-" to separate words:

    11-1111-2211-211-32211 (bud) 3211-1-4211-11-2111-11-22111-1-2111-1-1-2211-1-2111-32211-111 (bud)


    AS-TURN-GOLD-LE[A]D-DOGMA => rusful The a is missing
    CODE-I-FIND-IS-LORD-IT-GEOID-A-SIGN-I-A-GOLD-N-GATE-BDGRE-RES =>prayer cross at golden gate park.
    I could switch lord with sign.
    Bridge is using the US post office abbreviation. If matching the flower exactly then bridge would be dogma. Here dogma could mean religion. I just kept trying to force six letters into five - kind of like shoving a large package into your mailbox - and the post office came through.

    If read continuously with res ( with regard to) we are given the gem here as the black diamond. The dust in the story is the dark dust. Diamond here is phonetic as DEE-MOND

    Our map on page 66 to be re used again

    NOT-GGNRA-SIDE-S => a hint. similar to overlook or picnic area. to keep one on the south side of the park and not across the bridge on the north side.

    The word ADVENTURER as the only thing really not be encrypted is probably really anagrammed to "TV AD RERUN ." - a crummy commercial for Clue #5 where Rusful was finally solved and found.

    Have fun with this one as some of the words can be replaced with others to make up some really weird expressions. "

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    Hi, Lindenmi.

    I'm a diehard, so I'll weigh-in. I gotta think it over a bit. First reaction? Nah. It's a good try, though, and creative. Prior to the Starz Rusful hunt, MS stated that he'd not even acquired the black diamond for Rusful, and this was several months after Clue 3 was released. Also, I find it a bit odd that Clue 3 would lead to the same location as the Starz clues. My reasoning is that MS has said that the book would be required as well as any on-line clues. I guess I'm saying that I doubt MS would supply a token location puzzle for free on his web-site. Purchase of the ATT book would also be necessary, I'm guessing. Thanks for posting this. I'll go look at it. I really want Clue 3 to be solved.


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