I hope this isn't a repeat of old info-the archives are pretty big now.

MS listed additional "clues" in his answer book including one referring to Ana instructing the fairies, "The jewels must be hidden in the forest"..."without saying a word." I have always thought that was an odd comment to put in his answer book. Just for fun, one time I googled "Forest" and, lo and behold, there is a "Forest Park" in the city of St. Louis. Further investigation of a map of the park revealed a fascinating structure within the park. It is called "The Jewel Box." A jewel box in the forest?? This is too much. Not living anywhere near St. Louis and unable to find a friend I could con into a wild goose chase while travelling to St. Louis, I just wanted to open this up to everyone. Maybe someone could check it out. Also, I looked at the map of locations of known token finds and his path could have easily taken him through St. Louis on his original token planting trip.

(Maybe "without a word" means a clue that is not even announced as such.....)