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Thread: All my final ATT solutions

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    Default All my final ATT solutions

    Post #1 – 12/31/07
    I have spent six months looking for the email/phone number to no avail. Therefore I will post my solutions here. They are broken up into many individual posts since they are so long.

    I am just sending the information on the token locations, not the supporting detail at this time due to time and space restraints. I have all necessary detail, just ask and ye shall receive.

    The email/phone is for the NY lawyer Roger Hunt and his aide/niece Iris.
    The email/phone consists of three superheroes (elf, dog, bird) and an age. The elf is TUT giving us the tollfree 888 prefix. The bird appears to be Q and the age is the Roman Numeral V. But I just can’t get the dog’s name. Misty or Radar or Heart. Its on either AOL.NET and AOL.COM.

    There are a total of 50 token/totems – although I don’t have them all. I’ll share what I do have. This first post will consist of the first ten.

    The Rusful, Snake and Virus totem is at Crater Lake National Park, OR across the street from the Steele Info Center in a fir tree two feet south of the natural trail curb entry.

    The Rusful, Friar, Gas totem is at Point Defiance Park, WA at Owen Beach, past the bathhouse, up the nature trail steps to an OAK off the 12th step.

    The Rusful, Dragon, Dark Dark totem is at New Orleans City Park, LA at the Pavilion of Two Sisters in the north arbor in an OAK at the 12th arch.

    The Rusful, Shark totem is at the Nez Perce Historical Park, ID at Winchester Lake State Park at Granite View in a fir tree between the toilet and tool shed, three feet behind the toilet.

    The Queen Ant Nova, Lord Bobby and Chalice totem is at Quiet Waters Park, MD in an ash tree 5 feet left of the toilet near the circle bike path by the South River..

    The Parent Bears, Tee totem is at Yellowstone National Park, WY in an ash tree at the Old Faithful Geyser walkway two feet south of the toilet.

    The Hall Ladybug, Ale, Coin totem is at Pittsfield, Balance Rock State Park, MA at the Laurel Hill viewpoint in an ash tree 1.9 feet southeast of the handicap exit gate.

    The Shelly Snail, Ark, Gas totem is at Roper Lake State Park, AZ in an ash tree 4 feet west of the gazebo on Day Use Island.

    The Aurora Butterfly, Candle, Shawl totem is at Rye Patch State Recreation Area, NV at the Applegate-Lesson Nevada camp in an elm tree 6 feet behind the restroom.

    The Spider twins, Ball Set totem is at Desoto State Park, AL at the Azalea Cascade viewpoint in an fir tree on the south end exit.


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    Default All of final ATT solutions continued

    Post #2 – 12/31/07

    Here is the next set of completed token/totems:

    The Silvan Elf, Ball Chest, Urn totem is at Utah Lake State Park, UT in an ash tree 2 feet southeast of the isthmus loop road entry.

    The Streak Lion, Rho totem is at Angel Stadium in Los Angeles, CA in an orange tree 1 yard from the entrance gate by the median.

    The Adam and Eve Lions, Measles totem is at Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center, FL in a fir tree 3 feet east of the restroom by the Old Marble Stage.

    The Zodiac and Will Bees, Crock totem is at Antelope Island State Park, UT at the White Rock Loop Trailhead in a pine tree 2 feet north of the gateway.

    The Tsar Van Monkey, Peg Elk, Axe totem is at Clover Dell Park, MS at the soccer field parking lot in an oak tree 6 feet north of the exit gate.

    The Queen Elf May, Husband Ken, Crown totem is at Ramsey State Park, IL at the horse trail diorama in a fir tree 2 yards south of the sign.

    The Peter and Sugar Fireflies, Keg totem is at The Monastery, RI in a pine tree 2 feet east of the exit.

    The Brian and Ester Dragonflies, Shoe totem is at the La Jara Reservoir State Recreation Area, CO in a pine tree 6 feet west of the picnic area entry gate.

    The Ruby Hummingbird, Fiance Pierce, Axe is at Hampton Ponds State Park in a fir tree 3 feet south of the restroom.

    The Flower Fairy Thistle, Eagle Daffodil, Cookie totem is at Cameron Park in Waco, TX in an ash tree 5 feet south of the Lover’s Leap exit.

    The Twin Tigers Rex and Sue, Mug totem at Mother Neff State Park, TX in a pine tree at the Prairie Trail parking lot 6 feet west of the trailhead.

    The Noel Doth (Pook’s sister) and Flower Fairy Lily, Dynamite totem is at the Smoky Mountain National Park, TE at Cades Cove 2 yards north of the horse barn.

    The Van Tsar Monkey, Omega totem is at the Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in a pine tree 1 foot south of the outhouse by the bicycle path opposite the entrance.

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    Default All my final ATT solutions

    Post #3 – 12/31/07

    Now, for some incomplete ones or possible decoys:

    The Lilo and Gem Grasshoppers, Helmet totem at Graceland, TE in an oak tree by the vehicle museum. POSSIBLE DECOY – GRACELAND IS PRIVATELY OWNED.

    The Flint and Em Horses, Lasso totem at Walden Pond State Preserve

    The Will and Sue Bees totem at Marsh Creek State Park, PA by the bait shop.

    The Ant token is at Cedar Creek Park, PA in a play area toilet pine tree.

    The Caterpillar totem is at Ft. Pulaski National Monument, GA in an ash tree 4.8 feet south of the museum gate.

    A Flower Fairy totem is at Big Arm State Park, MT.

    A Flower Fairy totem is at Mitchell Memorial Playground IN.

    A Flower Fairy totem is at Acadia National Park, ME.

    A Flower Fairy totem is at Buck Creek State Park, OH.

    A Kootenstoopit totem is at Lewis & Clark Trail State Park, WA.

    A Kootenstoopit totem is at Oral Roberts University, OK

    A Kootenstoopit totem is at Sandy Shore State Recreation Area, SD.

    A Pickensrooter totem is at the Mall, Washington DC.

    A Pickensrooter totem is at Hungry Mother Park, VA.

    A Pickensrooter token is at Gateway National Recreation Area, NY.

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    Default All my final ATT solutions continued

    Post #4 – 12/31/07

    The following is a list of solution methodologies, Part I. (#1 – 10)

    1. Take a title, phrase, color clause, number clause, phrase within parentheses, line, etc., add its reverse alphabet cipher, seek partial
    anagrams, or add double letters as needed, add vowels including y – seek
    key words

    2. Vigenere cipher as needed, such as Chapter Titles, phrases, color
    clauses, number clauses, phrases within parentheses, etc. (reversing
    when indicated). Use a variety of keys such as:
    atreasurestrove (ATT) adventurer (ADV)
    discoverer (DSC) dandelion (DAND)
    explorer (EXP) michaelstadther (MS)
    helenstadther (HS) tallyho (TLH)
    peekaboo (PKB) twelve (TWE)
    thistle (THI) rogerhunt (RH)

    3. Anagram everything! Go for complete anagrams where possible, but
    incomplete anagrams are more common.

    4. Caesar shift as needed: colors phrases, number phrases, letters
    surrounding ‘key’, quotations, etc. with reverse cipher, seek partial
    anagrams, also add vowels - seek key words

    5. Decipher capital letters in each paragraph with its reverse and vowels, with Caesar shifts and Vigenere

    6. Decipher 12th line everywhere, anagram, Vigenere or Caesar cipher

    7. Decipher first letter in each sentence in each paragraph, Vig & Caesar

    8. Decipher first letter in each line in each paragraph, Vigenere and Caesar

    9. Decipher first letter in each word in a paragraph

    10. Decipher first letter in each line or paragraph in a page or chapter

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    Default All of final ATT solutions continued

    Post #5 – 12/31/07

    Solution Methodologies Part II (#11 – 25)

    11. Decipher first letter in each chapter throughout the book

    12. Decipher last letter in each sentence in each paragraph, Vig & Caesar

    13. Decipher last letter in each line in each paragraph, Vig & Caesar

    14. Illustrations are maps – showing highways, cities, rivers, etc.

    15. Illustrations contain letters everywhere, sometimes requires mirror, magnifying glass

    16. Something in the illustration will point you to the location within the map, such as a pointing finger, ant antennae, arrows, knotholes, etc.

    17. Illustrations contain codes, such as Morse Code, Pigpens, etc.

    18. Illustrations contains shorthand lettering clues

    19. Illustrations contain park maps - such as the Butterfly being the Devil’s Tower park map on the back inside cover

    20. Color in opaque spaces on illustrations for creatures and people – such as the Snail in the lower left corner of the Foreword

    21. Lay a straight edge vertically on each page – starting at the right side of the text, move the straight edge to the left reading the letters which
    appear vertically. Information will appear running along the edge
    down the page, including the type of tree

    22. Place a mirror upright and facing you on each illustration. Look for all kinds of clues and creatures. Turn the illustration in all directions
    to identify them

    23. Each paragraph anagrams out incompletely with multiple clues. One set is typically about the token at the nearest illustration, another set is
    typically methodology clues

    24. Wheel the dandelion seedlings over the authors signature page clockwise, take the letters from the edge and decipher, again using reverse, doubles and vowels, seek key words

    25. Wheel the serpent eye on signature page

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    Default All of final ATT solutions continued

    Post #6 – 12/31/07

    Solution Methodologies Part III (#26 – 42)

    26. Wheel the moon tip on copyright/dedication page

    27. For Rusful totems, dates of Clues #3, 4 and 5 contains nearest highway

    28. For Rusful totems, #4 contains names of nearest city in leaves, fairies

    29. For Rusful totems, Clue #5 contains full data, using letters by color and location according to edition matching the highway

    30. For ALL tokens, use Clue #3 – (‘A’ refers to first five letters, ‘B’
    refers to second five letters. Quadrant #1 is the first 5X5, Quadrant
    #2 is the upper 5X5 to the right, Quadrant #3 is the lower left 5X5,
    Quadrant #4 is the lower right 5x5)

    30. The internet ATT site contain bounteous clues – see Internet Section

    31. Numbers – take all number clauses and run ciphers seeking key words

    32. Key – Look for instances where the three letters of ‘key’ show up –
    sometimes forward as in ‘Pook’s pokey pace’, sometimes running backward,
    upward or downward, diagonally or zigzag. Run ciphers seeking key words

    33. Key – Take the following words to form a grid, then use Clue #4 coordinates to provide a string of letters. Add the reverse cipher and perform anagrams on it – providing token information

    34. Colors – Decipher all color phrases (i.e. his yellow ulcerous hand)

    35. Colors – Use breakdown of color and associated letters in Clue #3 for
    lots of method clues

    36. Count punctuation on page on or near illustration to provide latitude
    and/or distance information

    37. Deciphered Poem provides insight – see Poem Section for details

    38. Captions: Decipher first letter of each word – reverse, Caesar, or
    Vigenere as appropriate

    39. Fold illustrations down the middle of the page, lay over, adjust and
    reveal the name of the token tree

    40. Sequel information is scattered throughout all

    41. Individual lines anagram to very useful information

    42. Appraiser’s Note is full of park names, trees, etc.

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    Default All of final ATT solutions continued

    Post #7 – 12/31/07

    Solution Methodologies Part IV (#43 – 55)

    43. Jewel Photographs:
    A: Anagram the words beside the photos for key information B: All numbers converted to letters using alphabet then provide state abbreviations where that particular creature could be located. C: Use the same numbers with the Pink Fairy’s numbers (page 2) against atreasurestrove of ATT to determine additional information on that photo’s token – see Jewel Photograph Section for details

    44. Clue #2 on internet provides data, according to color and direction. For example: upside down letters ATT Vigenere says ‘Fix companion cuneiform error for prize’. References Companion Book page 16

    45. Analyze word errors, such as tweleve

    46. There are many images within each illustration and even in the text.
    Just turn the page in all directions and look carefully. You’ll see the
    twelve creatures, the new creatures, axes, helmets, etc.

    47. Identify Pigpen puzzles, such as page 9 with the grass, leaves on Pook.

    48. Break text down into syllables and reform for clues. Phrase by paragraph.

    49. Crosswords everywhere. The letters of each word can be up, down,
    diag, or backwards, as long as the letters are in some form of conjunction

    50. Use the old 5X5’s listed in the Solution Book with the Clue #3 5X5
    Quadrants to obtain additional info. Use 5X5 or 7X7 or ?X? whenever possible. Usually you dump the Q but other letters are possible – such as on page 28.

    51. Use the Marbles in the Companion Book as an image tool. Print out a
    copy, cut out the marbles and place the page minus the marbles over an illustration. Get info. Such as over page 101, lining up the upper right corners – find Iris Hunt’s email (I wish).

    52. Use the clock face in the Companion Book – make a copy and remove the eye
    then use it as an image tool. Such as: place over the front page lining it up at the top right corner. You will see a hand with five fingers – this gives you FIVE for the email and phone.

    53. Use colors to locate clues. Such as the pink letters throughout ATT
    providing information on the Grasshopper at Graceland.

    54. The Companion Book contains endless information.

    55. The Solution Book contains endless information. Match the illustrations
    in the Solution Book to those in ATT. The text near the SB illustrations contains anagram and cipher information regarding the token location referenced in the matching ATT section

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    Default All of final ATT solutions continued

    Post #8 – 12/31/07

    This section contains some unique findings. The detail can be found within the ATT or Companion Book or Solution pertinent page.

    Unique Findings Part I

    LOGO The Dandelion is the symbol for the logo.

    DANDELION The dandelion is the missing ‘Q’.

    MAP The map of the token locations is on page 101. Turn the book so the binding is at the top and see a map of the US. The token locations are leaf points or little circles, or finger points or other obvious indicators.

    TWELVE ‘JEW’ELS AND CREATURES Represent the twelve Apostles of Christ



    ATTORNIES AND FAMILY: ROGER HUNT is the attorney, STELLA HUNT is a mom and Roger’s wife, IRIS HUNT is Roger’s niece/aide and the main referee of ATT

    SLOGAN ‘LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROLLER’ is one slogan I found using
    the capital letters on ATT page 16/17. French for ‘Let the good times roll.

    SONG ‘RED SAILS IN THE SUNSET’ (ATT pg 10 3rd paragraph)

    NURSERY RHYME ‘LITTLE MISS MUFFET’ (ATT pg 10 1st paragraph)

    FAMOUS QUOTE ‘GETTYSBURG ADDRESS’ opening paragraph (ATT pg 10 2nd pp)

    SCRIPTURE ‘THE 23RD (ATT pgs 10/11)

    FOLKTALE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (ATT page 94 4th paragraph)

    MAZE Several mazes exist such as ATT pg 28. See pages for details.

    RIDDLES There are literally hundreds of Riddles – see pages for details.

    UNUSUAL PARAGRAPHS ATT page 10 contains unusual letter appearances:
    First Paragraph: 6 F’s – 4.1% vs. 1.35% normally
    Second Paragraph: 6 V’s – 7.1% vs. 1.1% normally (Rinkworks.com data)

    ATT page 112, the third pp ‘To speak…” contains every letter of alphabet.

    ATT pg 113, the 2nd pp plus one sentence of the 3rd pp contain ever letter.

    The second paragraph ‘By accepting…” contains 4 Q’s – 1.5% vs.0.2% typically.

    There is a line in the poem which, when combined with its reverse cipher, produces every letter in the alphabet:

    ATT page 86, when you Vigenere cipher the DREAM chant using Adventurer as key you get every letter of the alphabet.

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    Default All of final ATT solutions continued

    Post #9 – 12/31/07

    Unique Findings Part II

    CHERRIES ATT page 10, list the cherry numbers from top left to bottom
    right. Starting at the first line of the Foreword and use the letter count to provide letters to anagram:
    1 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1
    T I F I R Y T L E A K E S P L A C E N A G

    ILLUSTRATION ATT Pg 38, 39 - The fairies are placed showing the locations of Rusful’s six totem tokens. The blue fairy’s hand shows Golden Gate. The yellow fairy’s right hand shows Point Defiance, her left hand is pointing to Crater Lake. The pink fairy’s foot is pointing to Winchester Lake. The penciled-in fairy is holding an acorn at Devil’s Tower. The purple fairy is at New Orleans.

    COMPANION BOOK COLORS There are seven different colors in the pages, which make up a 7X7 grid. Assign the colors as follows:
    1 White 2 Yellow 3 Green 4 Orange 5 Purple
    6 Brown 7 Blue
    Fill in the grid with repeating alphabet letters (ALL of them). Obtain letters from Puzzle 16 through 37, then reverse coordinates at the question marked heading bar for 38 through 45. I obtain the incomplete anagram:
    ‘WHEEL SEED OVER …’ etc.

    SOUND ILLUSION ATT Page 78: Sound illusion in the first sentence: Rusful sat clutching his head, pinching and rubbing it as if it were a bumpy round gourd for sale from a dubious grocer. There are 9 U’s in this single sentence!

    Every page has creatures and symbols, including the text pages.

    An example of letters being everywhere, see MICHAEL STADTHER spelled out on the front cover at the lower left.

    All twelve creatures appear on the front cover.

    Every illustration has silhouettes and shadows. See individual ATT pages

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    Default All of final ATT solutions continued

    Post #10 – 12/31/07

    Unique Findings Part III

    The Butterfly on the front cover and throughout the book contains the Cross (where Jesus died). The Butterfly’s body is the vertical piece and the middle of each wing is the horizontal piece of the cross.

    ATT on the Inside of the front cover, the twelve mushrooms running along the page under the Ladybug are in the shape of the star constellation ‘VIRGO’

    The Snail shape on pages 1 through 15 corresponds to the shape of the Utah Lake State Park where the Silvan Elf resides.

    ATT page 3, all Greek letters but Phi are found on this page with a mirror.

    ATT page 5, fold the page laying the right part of the tree over the left part of the spider and SNAIL appears

    ATT page 7, hold a mirror at the facing you and aligned with the horizontal bottom of the jewel box. Now move the mirror upward, away from you and parallel to the bottom of the box. It appears that the box is opening.

    ATT page 8, the AXE is hid at the base of the tree at the upper right.

    ATT page 10, the Foreword page: the forest scene outlines a full page vase, or urn. But when the page is turned upside down, it shows a pitcher.

    ATT Page 11, when you place a mirror in the center of the Snail shell in the upper right corner of the page it produces concentric circles.

    ATT page 25, the blue outline is in the shape of a bearded bald man’s head. When the page is upside down it is in the shape of an elegant lady’s head.

    ATT page 33, all twelve creatures appear. They are arranged in a counter clockwise spiral. Start with the Ladybug, then on to the Ant, Butterfly, Caterpillar, Snail, Spider, Beetle, Grasshopper, Hummingbird, Firefly, Dragonfly and finally the Bee.

    ATT page 33 and 34, the Beetle’s size has changed. On page 33, from the tip of their heads, to the tip of their back end, the Spider and Beetle are the same size, smaller than the Grasshopper. On page 34, the Beetle has become larger with a face to end length much bigger than the Spider or Grasshopper.

    ATT page 63: The blocks on are arranged such that straight vertical lines appear on the page with only a few letters exception. They are: RVASTERTRSE. Those letters with their reverse cipher provide key words:

    ATT page 64, there are 6 flower fairies and 48 stars in the picture confirming that there are 6 flower fairy tokens within the 48 states.

    There are many, many others. Those I have identified are on individual pgs.

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