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Could the key have anything to do with Groundhog Day?

Also, check this out: Punxsutawney Phil.

I don't live in PA, but this might help those who think the key is there. If anyone finds the key, please let me know - I find this puzzle intriguing.

I think you will find that the date 2/2 and the number 22 are very important in solving this puzzle (page 22 is marked as X). The date 2/22 is even more important since it is George Washington's birthday and the day of The Grateful Dead concert at Winterland.

The book also has a Chinese year of the pig theme. It also has a poem about the life cycle of groundhogs. Pg 48. The author also mentions shadows, tunnels, and a short guy who makes a brief appearance and turns tail and disappears into the cool air. Pg 57.

I also find this book intriguing.