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Thread: Rules Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenbcpa
    Put in rule #39

    To prevent collusion (IE. Sharing of answers) and the use of computers......

    Sharing answers with other participants is not allowed and is grounds for immediate disqualification from the game for the person sharing the answer and the person receiving the shared information.
    I understand this is Ken's puzzle and he can do what he wants, and that he really wants the winner(s) to actually solve the puzzles. However, in the book itself in the welcome letter it says, Don't share solutions with anyone unless you are working together. So where does that leave things? I have heard it both ways: you can work together, and you can't work together. Is there anyway of making things absolutely clear, or are we supposed to read in between the lines

    Also as of what date does this rule come into effect? What about any past actions that maybe considered a breach of the new rule. Are they grandfathered in?
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    So I got my book today and I think I'm making good progress on puzzle 3 after solving 1 & 2 without the hints. I know this isn't a big feat, but I was surprised at how easy the first two were. The third seems to be a much bigger challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing how much more complex they can get all the way up to 12!

    I like a good puzzle as much as the next guy, but I'm motivated by the prizes more than my personal fulfillment. I have to say that my excitement waned a bit when I read the new rule clarification.

    I've seen people post that they spent weeks on puzzle 3. I can't imagine how long it will take me to solve the higher puzzles. Does the new rule mean that if I solve puzzle 6 I'll potentially be locked in a room with a new puzzle book and someone looking over my shoulder until I give up or spend just as much time solving a puzzle of difficulty equal to that of puzzle 6?

    As much fun as I'm having so far, I'm not looking forward to jumping through hoops to prove that I'm worthy of $80 after spending who knows how long solving puzzle 6.

    This might be reasonable for puzzles 10 or 11, but even in that case I'd probably make more money working my job than being sequestered to solve more puzzles. To extrapolate further, if I were the first to submit a solution for all 12 puzzles, and I couldn't solve the verification puzzle in a time period deemed reasonable by the judges, would my grand prize be forfeit? Who decides what is a reasonable amount of time? Would nobody compensate me for my lost wages for the potential months it would take to solve the verification puzzle? I can imagine lots of ways this would seriously suck.

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    Keep in mind that there is a six year limit on this. I really don't expect that the upper puzzles will be any where as easy as the first few. There are some really awesome puzzle solvers around Tweleve, but this might go on for a while. Though, I think with what I have seen so far, six years on this puzzle for Twelever's seems to underestimate them a bit, no offense to Ken and his awesome puzzle!!

    I am really looking forward to hearing about the first person to solve a puzzle in the second half!
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    I understand. I like to play the "what if?" game. I also like to know that the puzzle makers have thought out all possible contingencies so there aren't any ugly surprises.

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    Well now I'm genuinely confused about what the rules are.

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    Default new rule

    Well, I am taking to new rule at the idea that if you are able to solve the harder puzzles, then you figured out the process involved to get the correct answers so you can use the same process to figure out the test puzzle.
    It is just so they can verify that you used a process of the mind, and not a computer, or someone giving you answers to solve them.
    It is all about the process involved. A true solver will know all that is involved and should not have anything to worry about. They are trying to eliminate program solvers.

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    Default Jay

    Sorry, I meant to post a response to your question yesterday. I just got held up a little bit.

    Well, Here goes.

    You make a very valid point.

    I guess what we are looking for if you decide to partner with someone is that the people would/should be responsible and honest and to share a prize between the few people that solve it (there is nothing wrong with splitting $4,000 or $8,000).

    I am sure that if 2 or 3 people approached us and said that they together solved a puzzle and that they would like together to solve the verification puzzle due to the fact that each had an integral roll in solving the puzzle that we would not have a problem with them taking it together.

    If however, there is a small group of people that comes across an answer to one of the puzzles and feel that each of them would have got it on their own accord, then they are more than welcome to submit their own answers. Just be prepared to solve the verification puzzle. We are not trying to punish anyone or prevent people from claiming the prizes. That is not our goal at all. It is just trying to do the best that we can to separate people who are working together and people who are sharing answers.

    Hope that clears things up for you.

    winmywpbhome.com is a book comprised of 12 puzzles. The winner will receive a home located in West Palm Beach, Florida and up to $2.5 million. There are also smaller prizes that total over $2.0 million. Good Luck to everyone.

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