Here is my take, any "treasure hunt" and I use that term loosely (it is more a contest), that awards 200 winners is inherantly flawed. A treasure hunt is the first perosn to solve the riddle and dig up the goods, or recieve the goods.

To say " yes, you are right (or ill tell you in 6 years if you are right), but now we have to wait for 199 other peopel to be right is rediculous and prett much shows the intent of the creator to siphon as much money as possible.

The more rules you slap on the more you look like a man who can't swim, just wanting to hold out longer and longer. Bascially a greedy dude wanting more money before he gives out the promised treat.

An honest treasure hunt is one that has a puzzle, a treasure and a winner. They can use any means to find it, and the prize is never dependant upon auxillary circumstances.

The only auxillary circumstance I would except as honest, is a percentage of sales by the time the riddle is solved. If it sold two books, that is what you win if it sells more, you win more. This is a natural way to advertise, a natural way to create a prize pool, and an honest way for treasure hunters to solve riddles and know they will find their prize, or prizes depending on how many treasures there are to find. Ofcourse nothing beats a burried treasure or an upfront prize with no strings attached!

In other words, sure you may not be a scammer, but you are greedy and your rules do no justice to the world of treasure hunting, which is already beein gbogged down by corporate greed of th elike sof ATT and ATT 2 and AOL Gold rush, all with unique and annoying rules to maximize profit and maximize their run time.