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Thread: Is anything going on?

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    im stuck on puzzle 6 too. Im still not sure how to turn in the answers....so if i get # 6 it'll do me no good.
    maybe i'll take the pages out & line my hampsters cage with it. thats the only good this book is doing me.

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    I have just posted this on the official site, does anyone still think this contest is still on ? Even lbtweety and Mark13 must have doubts now.

    I think that everyone who made the commitment to buy the book deserves to know the status of this contest. Over six months since the winners list was updated and no posts from Ken. Come on let us know what is going on, is the house still available as the main prize. Or is the contest dead in which case why not shut this site down and give out refunds. Perhaps we should have listened to the concerns about this book when they were raised on Tweleve !

    I give no apologies about the abruptness of this post, I am sure others feel the same.
    Invenire et Conservare

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    I do think it is still on, but no one is working on it. I'm stuck on puzzle 9 still, but i haven't been working on them, Mainly because Ken kicked me out of his forum and chat for no apparent reason. Well I guess the reason is apparent to him, but not to me. He says Im cheating, and claims that 5+ people have told him so. I do know for a fact that he has lied, because he something one day, and two months later he denies it.

    The only thing that gets me going on this, is anger towards him, and wanting to prove him wrong.


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    I feel for you mark. Your a smart kid and I don't like that he has done this to you.

    I chatted with Ken just last night and this contest is very much alive and going.

    I have set up a weekly chat on Wednesday nights at 10pm eastern at ken's site.
    Hope to see some fresh faces.

    No question is a stupid question if you don't
    know the answer. Stupid is not asking.

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